Letter to the editor: A dangerous trend


A dangerous trend

I was disappointed in the impeachment “trial.” Democrats focused on the apparently illegal effort to withhold congressionally approved funds for a very important cause in the Ukraine. Trump was also impeached for “obstruction of Congress,” which I have to say was completely obvious. The Republicans said “no harm, no foul,” to paraphrase. With this acquittal, what was accomplished?

I believe this amounts to a trifecta for Vladimir Putin. 1. Russia affected the vote on Brexit in the UK, which will weaken the European Union. 2. He annexed part of the Ukraine and kept it. 3. He helped Trump get elected and currently has a supporter in the most powerful position in the most powerful country in the world.

Now that the Republican Party has become an enabler to their corruption, Trump’s power is uncontrolled. The Republican hypocrisy will be exposed when a Democrat like Warren or Sanders is elected in spite of their corrupt election interference, and acts like a dictator now that these actions have been approved by the Republicans. The Germans thought they could control a demagogue until they realized he had the support of the people. Populist Demagoguery is the new technique for winning.

Look it up and you’ll find Joe McCarthy in the ‘50s and you know who in Germany. Congratulations to Vladimir and shame to the Republican Party!

John Jones



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